Discovering Your Vulva: A Guide to Understanding Your Unique Anatomy

Unveiling the Vulva

Surprisingly, numerous women have never taken the time to examine their vulva, let alone understand its intricacies. Recognizing that each vulva is distinctly different due to the natural variations in the human body is the first step toward embracing this unique aspect of feminine anatomy.

Anatomy Insights

Delving into the anatomy of the vulva, it’s essential to understand key terms:

Vulva vs Vagina: What's the difference? – Luna Daily

Clitoral Hood: Covering the clitoris.
Clitoris: Located above the vaginal opening, responsible for arousal.
Labia Majora: Outer lips surrounding the vaginal opening, with the possibility of hair presence.
Labia Minora: Inner lips around the vaginal opening, without hair for everyone.
Vaginal Opening: Entrance for discharge, menstruation, and intercourse.

Knowing Your Vulva

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with your vulva’s basic anatomy. This knowledge is empowering and allows you to notice any changes such as dryness, irritations, color alterations, or shifts in discharge and odors. Recognizing these changes promptly enables quicker detection and treatment.

Knowledge is Power

Similar to monthly breast self-exams, regular vulva checks are vital. This proactive approach equips you to identify what is normal for you. Monthly checks create an awareness of any changes, emphasizing the importance of taking charge of your intimate health.

Seeking Professional Guidance

In the event of any observed changes, it is crucial to consult with your GYN promptly. There’s no need for embarrassment; your body communicates, and timely attention is key. Waiting may exacerbate symptoms and lead to additional complications.

Embracing Uniqueness

Your vulva is perfect and entirely unique to you. Understanding its various sizes, shapes, and color variations is essential. Without taking a closer look, you may never fully appreciate the normalcy that exists uniquely for you.

Empower yourself by exploring and understanding your vulva. It’s time to prioritize your intimate well-being and embrace the beauty of your unique anatomy.

“Remember, your vulva is perfect, just the way it is.”

Dr. Kira Clapp DPT/CLT/CDP/COS-C
Pelvic and Lymphedema Specialist

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